Public administrations and local circular economy entities have formal, scalable and sustainable reuse circuits that offer traceability and guarantee proper recycling. City councils deliver device surpluses to citizens and organizations, with great effect in creating inclusive jobs, starting or accelerating efficiency and scaling up of local exchange/market of second hand computers and mobiles, and related jobs of transport, refurbishment, support, recycling.

The users of devices are citizens that prefer second hand devices for environmental reasons, citizens in risk of exclusion supported or advised by public social services, and organizations demanding larger volume of devices such as schools, social enterprises, environment or budget-concerned public or private organizations. Citizens benefit from a pool of devices at a lower economic and environmental cost, at well as creating local jobs (in social and commercial organizations) for the collection, refurbishment and support (computing-as-a-service) by locals for locals.

Barcelona – Pangea Social and Solidarity Economy Circuit

In Barcelona, 18 entities have created the Pangea Social and Solidarity Economy Circuit, where in addition to sharing a technological platform, we share and maintain the devices. Working in community and locally allows us to scale and sustain costs, specialize in certain services, and better match supply and demand for devices. This Circuit is autonomous towards eReuse, and only includes the entities of the social and solidarity economy of eReuse.

Link to Circuit Pangea.

Madrid – Circuit Sempiterna

The Circuit Sempiterna is a network of social economy entities, institutions and companies that promote the circular economy in the field of electronics. We perform the functions of distribution, repair, refurbising, marketing, maintenance and recycling, ensuring traceability and formal reuse of devices, avoiding premature recycling. The participating entities cooperate to develop, maintain and share a set of technological tools, methods and data organised for the common good.

Link to Circuit Sempiterna.