The community develops five programs: the Workbench, DeviceHub, TransferHub, the Global Record of Devices (GRD) and the App.Our main objectives with the software are: (1) managing reusing and recycling, (2) contributing in ensuring reuse and recycle by supporting traceability, (3) facilitating third parties to join’s effort by using, extending, and integrating the system, (4) maximizing the social usage of devices, and (5) generating inputs for the indicators that measure circularity.

eReuse Workbench

The Workbench is a software to assist the diagnostic and inventory of digital devices (Desktop, Laptop, Netbook and Server). With its self-booting start-up, you don’t have to worry about which operating system is installed. Just boot your device through the network with the PXE Server and test and benchmark your system hardware, capture characteristics for rating and the serial number for traceability and reporting.

It processes detailed hardware information at component level. We achieved a high success rate in automatically capturing these hardware characteristics and serial numbers; e.g. 99.3% for network card and hard disks, and 87% for manufacturer number for diverse components is automatically detected in 87% of cases, and from these 97% is unique.

The Workbench generates a report with the results of the preparation for the reuse process, which can be uploaded to a compatible ITAMS like the DeviceHub (see next).

The DeviceHub is a Device Asset Management System, offered as a web app and focused in efficiently managing the circular life-cycle of devices –reusing and recycling.

DeviceHub recollects devices from the reports of the Workbench and other integrated systems and manages their full workflow, logistics, and tracking –the latter one connecting to the global traceability system, GRD. It manages and prints certificates and customer-friendly reports, places and packaging, and has a plug-in system.

You register the devices using the Workbench, a companion Android App, through an system integration or manually; place them in different places (ex. the warehouse); and perform events to them (ex. “this device has been repaired”, “we have moved the device to the office of the client”, etc.)., which provides DeviceHub as a service, made a video showcasing the Workbench and DeviceHub: