Our Activity

Common and open resources for reusing electronics.

Our members and partners develops and share open-source resources such as refurbishment tools, asset management and traceability systems, self-certification mechanisms for quality and circularity standards, good practices and case studies. The challenge in this activity is to prioritize which resources are key to the community and ensure they are open-source and based on open standards. eReuse coordinates the development of this resources.

Assess trainings and the circular economy platforms replication

Our partners are advising governments on the creation of formal reuse circuits that offer traceability until recycling and transfers know-how and its open-source platform to reuse centers. This advising and training actions should be focused on empower entities to manage its own platforms that enable device traceability and guarantee reused devices are finally recycled. When multiple platforms exist, the p2p is already possible, then the city reach the second level, the circuit. The growth of the circuit depends on the initial training of the seed organization, and on the use of the tools remotely, downloadable support materials, remote assistance to platforms, periodic visits combined with local community events for followup (face-to-face support and training), collection of activity metrics, etc. That allows that a rather small core coordination team can steadily grow, given that local circuits are quite autonomous. eReuse selects partners and evaluates their trainings and the transfer of platform technology.

Certification of circuits and entities platforms.

The members must be supported by our partners to put in value what they do and be able to measure the social, environmental and economic impact of their work. The circularity of electronics is to apply the Rs in order and ensure final recycling (last R), so our members should certify there is no premature recycling and measure the impacts generated by reuse. The challenge is to provide resources for members to be able to self-evaluate, self-certificate and share this data with us. eReuse generates the circularity certificates of reuse circuits and entities platforms.

Global recording of chain of custody data until final recycling

eReuse resources are already being used in 10 cities with a total volume of 10,000 devices in use. The key is to ensure 100% that any device that has been reused is ultimately recycled, so reuse always leads to proper recycling eReuse platforms are distributed and managed locally by its members so the challenge in this activity is to create traceability data to ensure any refurbished asset is finally recycled (even at component level). Partners help members to share traceability data (non-personal) and eReuse.org records and crosses data across platforms to create a global chain of custody.