Our Activity

Set-up a local electronic reuse platform

At the beginning the set-up of a network needs training and coaching. We assist the local entities to define the platform to be presented to the city authorities and we transfer the technology to the platform owners (zero waste entities, social entities, refurbishers and retailers). This technology is open-source and operates locally. Once the platform started our participation ceases to be operational and we only follow up for the certification of the platform. Ereuse set-up initial training an coaching and evaluates the transfer of platform technology done by partners.

Certification of platforms

The platform members must be supported by our partners to put in value what they do and be able to measure the social, environmental and economic impact of their work. The circularity of electronics is to apply the Rs in order and ensure final recycling (last R), so our members should certify there is no premature recycling and measure the impacts generated by reuse. The challenge is to provide resources for members to be able to self-evaluate, self-certificate and share this data with us. Ereuse generates the circularity certificates of reuse platforms.

A global chain of custody for reused electronics

The key is to ensure any device that has been reused is ultimately recycled, so reuse always leads to proper recycling. Ereuse platforms are distributed and managed locally by its members so the challenge in this activity is to ensure traceability in a distributed system. This is possible today with blockchain technology. Partners help members to share traceability data (non-personal) that can be interlinked to create a global chain of custody and the generation of knowledge in circularity. Ereuse.org records and crosses data across platforms to create a global chain of custody.

Open resources for reusing electronics

Our members and partners develops and share open-source resources such as refurbishment tools, inventory management and traceability systems, self-certification mechanisms for quality and circularity standards, good practices and case studies. The challenge in this activity is to prioritize which resources are key to the community and ensure they are open-source and based on open standards. Ereuse coordinates the development roadmap of this resources.