Everything started with a “what if we opt for reuse rather than premature recycling”. In 2014 the Government of Catalonia planned to discard 30,000 computer devices per year until 2019. 92% of the devices were functional and 87% of them were potentially reusable locally by social entities, schools and people digitally excluded. The government wanted to involve all the active reuse centers to do all the work of refurbishing, channeling and tracking these devices. This was the request they made to a research group at the Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya. A few months later eReuse.org was launched.

The Electronic Reuse federation

The Electronic Reuse federation was launched in 2015, we are a project under Pangea.org, a private, independent non-profit organization founded in 1993 to promote the strategic use of ICT. The Electronic Reuse Federation is a coalition of communities, companies and universities that provides training and support for fostering circular economy of electronics, boosts digital inclusion and reduce e-waste. Our members have the goal to extend the lifetime of products through repair, refurbish, and reuse. Our partners are tech companies and international groups that promote social awareness about the social and environmental impact of electronics, social labor, zero waste, circular economy, fair electronics, the right to repair, the reduction of the digital divide, and social inclusion. We have been supported by EU Projects Chest #611333, TagltSmart.eu #688061, the City Council of Barcelona and the Association of Progressive Communications (APC.org).