Improving the rate of return of used and waste mobile phones, tablets and laptops

We saw the publication on Friday Oct 6 2023 of this EC recommendation (non-binding) about the need to improve the rate of return of used and waste small digital devices. Interesting but practical?

That message: Dear member states, it is clear we have a problem, and there are many ways, so please do something about it, looks futile. Reuse and recycling critically depend on take-back. We need binding and effective measures.

The EC attitude of taking a look and just sending a reminder is welcome but a pity and irritating when there are binding ways. We appreciate the recommendation by Commissioner V. Sinkevičius, but as As V. Ferrer said, “Misery and suffering are not meant to be understood, but to be solved”. While politics moves slowly and carefully, climate change and environmental degradation is accelerating. Let’s solve this ASAP by moving forward to the next logical step:

We need EU-wide binding e-device return objectives and effective measures to do so, as mentioned in the recommendation.

The team.