at RightsCon Tunis 2019

Today 11 June starts RightsCon, the world summit that brings together initiatives and leading experts for their work on human rights in the digital age. RightsCon is an annual meeting that promotes AccessNow, one of the pioneering initiatives in defending groups around the world most vulnerable to technologies, in 5 axes: privacy, freedom of expression, digital security, human rights within digital companies and digital discrimination.

RightsCon takes place this year in Tunisia for 4 days and organizes its programming in 17 themes that add up to more than 450 sessions with more than 2500 participants from 130 countries.

From, Leandro Navarro will participate tomorrow, Wednesday 12 June, in the session entitled “Climate change under construction: an environmentally sustainable Internet” along with other participants from the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Hungary and France.

Full programe