Mobile Commons Congress and UPC BarcelonaTech hosts Mobile Commons Congress. This year we will emphasize technological systems management pro-common goods, which are those that are shared in a community. We will be attended by experts in the field of reuse and cooperation in ICT as Leandro Navarro, a researcher and professor at the UPC as well as being the coordinator of the UPC in the European research project He will talk about the concept of “commons” from various examples in the field of reuse of computer equipment and network infrastructure community (

Dr. Fermín Sánchez Carracedo, Professor of the Department of Computer Architecture d’UPC and UPC-Reutilitza coordinator Programme with Eva Vidal, academic director of the Centre for Cooperation per al Desenvolupament, professor of l’Escola d’enginyeria for Telecommunications (ETSETB) i de l’Institut de sostenibilitat UPC will tell us about the usefulness of ICT for development and need that are designed, manufactured, used and dismantled in a sustainable manner. We will also have Wouter Tebbens, co-founder and president of the Free Knowledge Institute and working for a fair society based on knowledge and network collaboration and sharing of knowledge, we will discuss how “Democratize the means of production to s. XXI “a talk about concepts and how copyrights patents and monopolies granted by the state are decreasing in view of the emergence of the digital commons (eg, software and open source licenses).

Also we will have more talks and networking. At evening will host a workshop to show last tools developend. For more information and to register as attendees can click here.


Wednesday, 24 February

Hora    Activitat

09:00  Benvinguda

09:15  Pro-comuns i TIC. Leandro Navarro (

09:45  Sostenibilitat i TIC. Fermín Sánchez i Eva Vidal (

10:15  Women in ICT Sharing Experiencies. Sáinz Ibáñez, Milagros (

11:00  Descans

11:15  Quick Mesh Network. Agustí Moll i en Roger Pueyo (

11:45  Democratitzar els mitjans de producció al s.21. Wouter Tebbens (

12:15  Reutilització i Reciclatge de TIC. Santiago Lamora, Xavier Bustamante (

12:45  Plataforma de donació solidària de TIC. Raquel Nuñez (

14:00 a 16:00   Tallers Equip de